Overcoming Addictions For LDS

The Painting 'Lost And Found' by Greg OlsenKnowledge is power. What I am going to share with you is the way I made my way out of an afflicted lifestyle, that of being afflicted with drugs for 23 years. This information will be helpful for ALL addictions.

There are two things required in order for these simple courses to help anyone: first you must know GOD hears your prayers, and second, you must have a desire to overcome your addictions. If you have both of these attributes then you are already on your way to becoming "clean" from your afflictions.

By doing simple things/changes into your life will bring forth great miracles. I have all the confidence that these courses will help you as I know that Heavenly Father is "no respector of people", what miracles and blessings he has given me he will give you. As a Latter-day Saint it is my duty to share with you the way I know through my own experience the pathway out of darkness and into the beautiful light of living the plan of happiness. By living a sober life full of joy and a huge desire to help others out of that hell and into a lifestyle full of joy.

Getting Started -- Knowledge Is Power
Course 1 -- Heavenly Father Doesn't Give Us Anything We Cannot Overcome.
Course 2 -- Who We Are
Course 3 -- Why We Are Here
Course 4 -- Where We Are Going And How To Get There.
Conclusion -- My Testimony